1 - Bill  Wunderlich **

2 - Bob Singer ** 

3 - Cory Sadowitz **

4 - Peter Fox **

5 - Susan Gregg **

Write In(s) ___________

** = Incumbents

Our board is made up 9 members. As of now,
4 have 2 year terms, 5 have one year terms. 
After this year's election, all board members
will all be 2 year terms be alternate years. Next 
year 4 people will be on the ballot.

Last year the by-laws were changed to have
staggered terms to always keep at least 4 people
on the board from the previous year to keep
continuity for your board.

To Place your vote electronically, please put your name and email address below (so we can confirm your membership. Under the 'Message' part of the image, please put the numbers only (i.e. 1,2,3, etc.) corresponding to the people running for the board and/or you can write in complete names for a write in vote. If you have a single membership, you can vote once. If you have a family membership, you can vote twice. If you have a question about your membership, email the webmaster below.

5 people are running (plus any write ins you care to put in) IF YOU PUT IN MORE THAN A TOTAL OF 5 NUMBERS.NAMES, YOUR VOTE WILL BE VOID. If you vote more than once (other than a family membership), your vote will be void. You can vote online until midnight Thur, May 16th
For some reason, it ususally takes 2-3 times to get this 'phrase' right; must be a glitch in the program.

If you can't get it, just send your vote to RobertSinger5705@gmail.com (webmaster) with just the numbers and your name in the email. Put 'Election' in the subject line.